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The people that make you the happiest can also make you the madness. It’s because you care so much about them you can’t seem to shake them. Not only do you love them but you’re in love with them. All the time you’ve spent with that person you don’t want it to go to waste because you can never get that time back. Not saying you want to let them go, but things just aren’t the same. You can’t let anyone interfere with your relationships but in the end you’re to blame, because only you can control your actions. Change for the better don’t let anyone change you. My point is do what you want to do and what you feel is right. Remember everybody can be replaced in a minute.

Vampire Diaries Quiz

100% I know vampire diaries all the way I can be asked any question and I will get it right

If we can’t live forever lets at Keats be united…Forever United Apparel

If we can’t live forever lets at Keats be united…Forever United Apparel

Things Done Changed

There comes a time in life where you have to make choices. Not just any decision but a life changing situation. When you know someone for quite a while you become emotionally attached to them. And being away from that special person can really hurt the heart. Life is a gamble we’re just here to win. But if you don’t know how to play ya cards right things will go haywire. With all these things going on in the world you just want to be close to those you love dearly. I’m not a materialistic person I just want to be happy. Being away from that one person that makes you the happiest is not fair. We don’t do what we are suppose to do then the only person we can be mad with is ourselves. Lesson learned. Sometimes we are forced to start some tasks and duties over but we just have to make sure we do it right the next go around. Being uncomfortable is the last thing someone wants to feel. Find what makes you happy and stick with it. Because before you know it when you don’t do what you should do it comes back and bite you in the ass. Things Done Changed.


Takin’ selfies for my Drawing final. Too bad it has to be in charcoal :(

This may be my summer cut..a bit thicker

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Some Thoughts

Its definitely been a long while. There are some things in life that you can’t control. You try to do your best to pull everything together and tell yourself that everything will be okay. Life takes control when you let it slip away from you. Time is of the essence and it will past by quickly if you don’t use it wisely. Love the ones you are with now instead of later. The people that are there to stay in your life will put forth effort to do so. In the end some people you think are there for you are your down falls. You just have to keep moving forward and keep your mind open.

“Fool of Me”

            This is one great song. It was played at the end of the movie Love and Basketball. It meant so much to the situation that happened toward the end. Only people that have been in love can relate to it. At least once in every person’s life they will be made a fool out of. Whether or not it is from embarrassment, insult, or most importantly love. As you know I will be talking about love a lot throughout these blogs. For someone to break it off with you after loving them or being in love with them are wrong. Afterwards, the other will think, “did this person love me like he or she say they did?” Thinking maybe it was just a lust thing, but it felt so real. Like the best feeling in the world, high off love ad you can’t come down. When you find that true special love after the fact of being hurt is a beautiful thing. In the beginning, you feel scared, closed in, uncertain and confused. All your mix feelings flying around messing with your mind makes you go crazy. Finally, you let your guard down and you start to open up. Only this time make sure is really true, because our hearts can only take but so much. Don’t make a fool out of it again or yourself.